Valmet to supply key technology to SCA’s Östrand pulp mill

December 2, 2015

Valmet has received a major order to deliver cooking, fiber line and evaporation plant to SCA’s Östrand pulp mill located in Timrå, Sweden. This delivery is part of SCA’s investment to upgrade the production of bleached softwood kraft pulp at the Östrand mill from today’s capacity of 430,000 tons to 900,000 tons per year. The last start-up of the renewed pulp mill is scheduled for May 2018.

In SCA’s press release on December 2, 2015 SCA’s project director Ingela Ekebro explained about the goals of the project: “The new pulp mill will have world class technology. We are going to produce pulp with top quality, while our environmental performance is the best achievable and we are going to do it with a cost efficiency that allows us to successfully compete with other pulp suppliers worldwide.”

 “This major agreement with SCA is a strong continuation of Valmet’s and SCA’s long term cooperation and an important achievement for our pulp technology business. The project has a significant employment impact to Valmet in Sweden, since a significant part of the equipment to be delivered in this project, will be engineered and produced in our Swedish units,” says Bertel Karlstedt, President, Pulp and Energy Business Line, Valmet.

The estimated employment impact of the order is about 150 man years mainly in Sweden. A large part of the order will be delivered from Valmet’s Swedish units: the cooking plant from Karlstad, fiber line from Sundsvall, and evaporation plant from Gothenburg.

Valmet has earlier delivered both pulp and tissue technology to SCA and has also extensive services contracts with SCA. The most recent delivery was the new Compact Cooking G2 for the SCA Obbola kraftliner mill. 

Valmet’s delivery includes a Compact Cooking G2 together with a TwinRoll press based fiber line for both ECF and TCF pulp production at a capacity of 2,850 air dry tons per day (adt/d). The evaporation plant consist of 7 effects with a TUBEL superconcentrator for high dry solids and has a capacity of 1,150 tons of evaporated water per hour. The total package is optimized for superior water and energy efficiency.