Ashdown Mill Begins Fluff Pulp Production

November 16, 2016

A newly converted fluff pulp machine at Domtar’s Ashdown Mill in Ashdown, Arkansas, has started production.

The conversion of a paper machine at the Ashdown Mill to produce Lighthouse Fluff Pulp is the largest capital project in the company’s history, making Domtar the world’s third-largest fluff pulp producer. The fluff pulp produced at the mill will be used to make baby diapers and incontinence products sold around the world.

This extensive construction project began in early 2015 with the demolition of one of the mill’s paper machines. The mill then built a fluff pulp machine that could produce rolls and bales, depending on market demand. For nearly two years, hundreds of people — including local employees, contractors and employees from across Domtar — worked at the site.

The first fluff pulp rolls will come off the machine in November.