Solutions for Increased Fit and Comfort of Modern Baby and Adult Incontinence Diapers:

Different Opportunities for “Open” or “Pant” Diapers

An opportunity for baby and adult diapers elasticization and better fit comes from Fameccanica’s known patented solution for a unique technology for the processing of elastic breathable laminates with ultrasonically bonded transpiring spots. This is an opportunity for a convenient solution to introduce the back ears elasticity at a reasonable cost, as diaper manufacturers can produce this material in-house, with estimated material saving of 30÷40% compared to common premade materials available in the market today.

Example of real application on a baby diaper

One of the key characteristics of this process is the absence of glue in the laminate.
In fact, the latest improvement for Fameccanica consists of the complete elimination of the glue applications in this laminate and this is by itself, an evident step in the direction of cost saving in diaper production processes and environmental impact reduction. Another characteristic of this process is the material breathability. This is the result of the specific patented process adopted, where the “point-through bonding process” simultaneously creates transpiring spots.

Example of structure for baby diaper ears

Example of structure for baby diaper ears

The comparative tension-elongation tests show a substantially equivalent result of Fameccanica GLUELESS™ Ear structure vs. commercial materials in the area actually performed by the end user. It also highlights a peculiarity of Fameccanica ear structure, where the force increases with elongation higher than 100%.

Comparative tension-elongation tests

Comparative tension-elongation tests


Product performances initial test results

In case of multiple cycles conducted at the reference elongation of 50%, the comparative tension-elongation tests show a more stable behaviour of Fameccanica GLUELESS™ Ear structure vs. commercial materials. This behaviour is related to the specific structure adopted for Fameccanica solution, where the performance of the internal elastic film in such elongation range is independent from the activation of the external nonwovens.

Comparative tension-elongation tests at 50% elongation

Comparative tension-elongation tests at 50% elongation


Example of modern diaper with Increased Fit and Comfort

Example of modern diaper with Increased Fit and Comfort

The waist band can provide additional elasticity thanks to the adoption of solutions for “in line” manufacturing solutions with elastic threads. This is another example of convenient solution to introduce the waist elasticity with a reasonable cost impact on diaper.



A typical manufacturing plant uses 1 FLS Laminator to serve 4 baby diaper machines or more (often up to 8). Estimated saving for each baby diaper machine using the Fameccanica laminate is in the range of 200.000÷300.000 US$ per year per year compared to common premade materials available in the market today. In case of feeding 4 baby diaper machines saving can exceed 1 Million US$ per year. This solution can be achieved either off-line with stand-alone systems or in-line into the diaper converters.

Solution 1: off-line with stand-alone systems   

off-line-with-stand-alone-sFameccanica laminating machine model FLS is a stand-alone machine for the lamination of material for Elastic Side Panels for baby diapers. Laminated web is rewound in reels or spools ready to be used on baby diapers converting machines.

Solution 2: in-line into the diaper converters


The in-line solution is normally preferred for the high speed converters. The system can be installed in a dedicated area of the machine, with limited impact on machine layout and overall machine footprint.


This new waist elasticization system is an alternative to standard elastic threads which are replaced by an elastic film. The in-line lamination of nonwoven and elastic film creates transpiring spots making the material breathable and comfortable. The result is a soft and comfortable waist band.

Intermittent film application

The waist elasticization with elastic film can also be obtained in selected targeted zones.

Intermittent film application

With this process solution, the “panel-type” version can be manufactured in “CD-manufacturing-process” machines.

Key advantages of the solution:

– Introduce on the market a product that looks like a MD product but produced on a CD converter.

– Overall reduction of the glue and elimination of the majority of the lycra strands.

The availability of this solution makes possible the manufacturing of both thread elasticized pant version AND “panel-type” version on the same machine platform thus providing to manufacturers the flexibility to switch between versions and adapt the solution to the preferred actual market trends.


The system is normally installed in a dedicated area of the machine, with limited impact on machine layout and overall machine footprint compared to the machine with standard threads elasticization only.


GLUELESS™ application of elastics is part of the “LIFE+ GLUELESS” project today being carried out in Fameccanica, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) and supported by the European Union. GLUELESS™ application of elastics identified as an opportunity, not only for its potential lower environmental impact, but also as it shows a potential cost saving in the range of 80.000÷200.000$ per year for each baby diaper machine.

Fameccanica has started the qualification of its GLUELESS™ application of elastic strands and the initial lab test demonstrated that the equipment utilized by Fameccanica on the basis of a patent owned by Cera Engineering France is appropriate to realize this type of application at the target performance.

Followed by the engineering phase, aiming to reach a proven technology capable of fitting the real production conditions and requested speed of Fameccanica high performance converters, an innovative system for the intermittent elastic application was identified. The new system has been laboratory-tested with successful results and the solution confirmed to be a clear step change in the processing of this application vs. the known art in the field, thus providing the evidence that the identified solution was adequate to reach the target production speed. The comparative tests of product performance vs. traditional technologies shows that the GLUELESS™ solution offers equivalent results in terms of tension-elongation of the final diaper element assembly.